Two Dogs Team Up To Confront A Sizable Cougar In Suburban Driveway

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Sometimes those “watch dogs” really do have to keep watch.

We’ve seen examples time and time again of dogs not only being man’s best friend, but man’s best bodyguard. Even when the odds aren’t stacked in their favor, dogs are happy to take on bald eagles, or even stand up to a much larger moose to protect their owners.

It’s just another reason why we humans don’t deserve dogs. They go above and beyond so often for their owners, and though pet owners basically provide every other necessity that dogs require (food, water, shelter, love, walks, attention, treats, etc.), it still doesn’t always feel like a fair trade.

Especially when you see videos like this, where dogs put on a brave face and protect their owner, or at the very least their owner’s home. We don’t know exactly where this happened, but it’s clearly in a driveway of someone’s house. In other words, not where a cougar would or should typically be.

In the footage, which looks to be shot partially through a screened-in window and in other parts through a regular glass window, a Husky and a German shepherd are playing defense against a big cat that had wandered into their neck of the woods. The dogs keep a steady bark going, trying to keep the cougar moving while not getting too close.

Personally, I’m a little confused as to why the person filming (if they are their dogs) isn’t trying to make more of a commotion to try and scare the large cougar away. Typical guidance when crossing paths with a wild animal like a big cat is to make yourself larger than you appear by raising your arms and speaking in a low voice. Seems like they could have tested those methods out so that the dogs weren’t fighting the good fight on their own.

The guy only later shouts the names of the dogs, but at that point, they are far enough from the house to where they nor the cougar likely heard the yelling. Luckily for the dog owner (?) and the dogs, the big cat never makes an aggressive move. Instead, it just keeps strolling along and keeps the barking dogs at a distance. Had he wanted to tangle, it could’ve been all over for one of these pups.

It’s a real impressive showing of patience from the cougar, and an even better display of bravery from the two dogs who didn’t stand down when they came face to face with a vicious, sharp-clawed wild cat. You can take a look at the harrowing video below:

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