“Nope, Bye” – Reba Refuses To Answer Whether She Prefers Dolly Parton Or Beyoncé’s Version Of “Jolene”

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Not playing that game.

Earlier this week, The View co-host Joy Behar gave us the answer to a question that was on literally nobody’s mind when she called Dolly Parton‘s original version of “Jolene” anti-feminist, seemingly implying that she preferred Beyoncé’s reimagined version from her latest album, COWBOY CARTER, over the original.

“I like the subject of Beyoncé taking over the lyrics. I just think that the original thing with Dolly Parton is so anti-feminist, worrying about some good-looking woman taking your man. If it’s so easy to take your man, then take him! Beyoncé says, ‘If you take my man, you’re gonna be in a lot of trouble,’ and I say, ‘Go ahead, take my man, take him!’”

But apparently Reba’s not interested in having that debate.

TMZ caught up with Reba McEntire in Los Angeles yesterday, and asked her about Behar’s criticism of the Dolly classic. But Reba didn’t really have much to say about it, simply laughing at the comments calling “Jolene” anti-feminist.

And when they asked her which version she preferred, she REALLY wasn’t having it as she hopped into her car:

“Nope. Bye.”

Of course Reba and Dolly are close friends, so it’s really no surprise that she didn’t feel like having a debate over one of her songs.

Keepin’ it classy – something Joy Behar could learn from.

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