Charley Crockett Continues To Tease ‘$10 Cowboy’ With Latest Single “Solitary Road”

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Ryan Vestil

Charley Crockett is the smoothest operator in country music.

The look, the sound, the been-everywhere-before drawl when he talks, it’s difficult to look away when Crockett is the center of attention, but that’s often where you’ll find him, perhaps reluctantly albeit. A man of many nicknames – Son of Davy, Lil G.L., The Man from Waco – His story is almost cinematic, emerging from the streets into the spotlight in unintendedly dramatic fashion. But it’s his songwriting and showmanship that are the driving factors in what has become Crockett’s superstar country music career.

A prolific musician, in both touring and releasing, Crockett has released an astounding 13 albums in just the past nine years, beginning with 2015’s A Stolen Jewel, and including both his recent The Man from Waco (2022) and Live from the Ryman (2023) albums, and has cut his teeth road-dogging in the process. Growing a massive fan base on the strength of his music and spectacular live show, Crockett has become one of country music’s unassuming heroes of late, making his forthcoming record one of the most highly anticipated projects of the year.

Titled $10 Cowboy, Crockett’s 14th career album is set to be released in just three weeks, on April 26th, and if the first three singles are any indication, we’re in for another special record from this Texas troubadour. The lead single and title track, “$10 Cowboy,” was released back in January, followed by “Hard Luck & Circumstances” in March. And now, Crockett has brought us yet another single in “Solitary Road,” as he utilizes metaphorical lyricism to juxtapose temptation and salvation in the context of loneliness on the road and the journey through life.

Check out his brand new single here:

“I was a lonely wanderer
A lonely child of circumstance
When I heard that nightingale calling me
And he flew right into my hands
Well he told me they’d rise up against me
As it turned out, this was the case
I saw jackals roaming the valleys
Grifters all over the place
See, it’s a solitary road”

Now that’s country music, if you ask me. While we likely won’t hear any new music prior to the full $10 Cowboy release later this month, here are the aforementioned singles to hold you over as well.

“$10 Cowboy”

“Hard Luck & Circumstances”

Crockett has a killer live band behind him as well, and he can command a stage like few others in the business.

Check out the Instagram page below for Crockett’s tour dates as he promotes his $10 Cowboy Record.

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