“I’m Holding A Freaking Hawk” – Woman Grabs Hawk Trapped In Screened-In Porch & The Bird Could Not Have Been More Shocked

Woman grabs hawk with her hands

Hawk and awe.

That’s a play on the phrase “shock and awe,” in case you were wondering. I never pass up an opportunity to sneak in an animal pun, though I’ll admit I hit you (the reader) over the head with that one to start.

What would you do if you noticed that a hawk had somehow trapped itself inside your screened-in porch? I’d imagine many people would just assume that if the big bird had found its way in there, it would likely find its way out. Maybe you go over and open up the door really wide, but what else can you really do?

Well… one woman who had this happen to her decided to be a little more forward with the situation. She saw the hawk bouncing around and trying to fly through her screens and decided she’d just go right in there and grab the dadgum thing.

Is that the smartest course of action? No, probably not. But did it work out for this woman in a crazy way? Yes, it sure did. You’re sitting here reading a story about it, so something must have gone incredibly right or horribly wrong.

Luckily for the woman, things went rather swimmingly. She reached out to calm it down, then grabbed the hawk on the back and started walking it out of the covered porch area. The woman provided this hilarious commentary as she helped transport the bird to freedom:

“Oh my God. Oh my God, I’m holding a freaking hawk.”

She was shocked, but not as shocked as the hawk was. At one point, the woman turns the bird around to face the camera, and I guarantee you that you’ve never seen a look of bewilderment like this flying creature showcased as it was being carried by a human being, presumably for the very first time.

It’s a hilarious watch, and the clip has a happy ending because the hawk eventually flies back off to freedom with one heck of a story to tell to its hawk friends and family. Check it out:

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