“I’m Coming Back” – Internet Fooled By Fake Gunnar Gundy Tweet Vowing To Return To OSU For Pole Vaulter Sarah Stair

Gunnar Gundy and Sarah Stair
Gunnar Gundy/Sarah Stair via OSU

Before he’s a real man, and certainly before he turns 40 (IYKYK… will explain later), former Oklahoma State quarterback Gunnar Gundy wants a shot at true love with redshirt senior Sarah Stair.

Well, sorta… it’s actually a fake account (this is Gunnar’s real one), but he sure fooled the rest of the internet. I wish it was real though, it would be an all-time great way to tell the world you’re returning ride the pine another year for your dad.

A Twitter/X handle named “@OkStProbs,” which professes to “like hot chicks” posted an image of Stair, touting her as the Newest Stillwater Star.

If by “new” you mean “three years at the school” then yeah sure, considering Stair transferred to OSU — can I say that about another school as a Columbus, Ohio, grower-upper? — three or four some-odd years ago in 2021, per her official athletic profile.

In any event, fake Gunnar must feel like the real-life Peter Gibbons, because despite his stature in the athletic department, he did not get the memo that Sarah Stair was waltzing around campus and doing her thing as a pole vaulter for the Cowgirls track and field team.

Unfortunately for Gundy, he sought greener pastures on the gridiron after playing sparingly for Oklahoma State, and transferred to Ohio University. I know the transfer portal is a free-for-all these days, but until I started researching for this article, I was almost positive Gundy couldn’t double on back to Stillwater even if he wanted to.

Welp. Turns out, Gundy booked it out of Athens, Ohio, after only a few weeks and has reentered the portal.

Which brings us to the previously promised IYKYK explanation. I’m sure Gunnar’s father could pull some strings on behalf of true love, even if there were some rule against leaving a school, only to transfer right back mere weeks or months later.


Mike Gundy is the Cowboys head football coach, with a cool annual salary of $7.5 million and not-insignificant sway over Oklahoma State-related athletic matters. Gunnar followed in his dad’s footsteps to play QB for the school, only to ride the pine for the most part. Hopefully they’re still on good terms. I don’t even pretend to know.

The senior Gundy is most known for his legendary, “I’M A MAN! I’M 40!” speech at the podium when he was defending one of his former quarterbacks. Hence the possibly obscure-seeming lede.

For whatever it’s worth, the QB Gundy was defending, Bobby Reid, thought the rant was a total fake. That Gundy was putting on a performance to make himself look good. Reid speculated that Gundy himself leaked some of the inside information on the story that attacked him. Not sure what Reid is up to these days. He was ultimately benched for Zac Robinson, who happens to be the new offensive coordinator for the Kirk Cousins-led Atlanta Falcons.

My have we gotten far afield from where we began this piece. I just don’t think it’s in me to do a straight-news, straight-faced coverage of Oklahoma State University’s equivalent to my ex-employer’s “smokeshow of the day” or whatever the format/lingo is. Not because I’m too proud. To be frank, I’m too sensually dead inside for such things.

As a person who moved no fewer than 10 times during childhood and another eight times give or take post-undergrad, it takes a lot to uproot yourself, pack up all your sh*t and move to a mostly unknown destination. The older I get, the less appealing it sounds.

If no prospective transfer portal suitors are going to take stock of Gunnar’s football prospects, maybe Sarah Stair can peep his highlight reel to see if he be worthy of a first date. Who knows what could happen from there?

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