Dallas Mayor Calls For Chiefs To Move To Dallas After Arrowhead Stadium Vote Failed To Pass

Kansas City Chiefs

If you can’t beat them, invite them to play in the same city as you.

The Kansas City Chiefs find themselves in quite the predicament. They’ve just done the impossible by winning back-to-back Super Bowls, and now, the Chiefs might be forced to do another impossible: Leave Kansas City.

This past week, Missouri voters went against a sales tax proposal that would have dedicated funds towards a renovation of Arrowhead Stadium (and an entire new build for the Kansas City Royals MLB team).

The Kansas City Chiefs need $800 million to complete the project, and though they are fronting around $300 million themselves, they were hoping the taxpayers would sign up to help them out. You know, since they just won two Super Bowls in the last two years…

But the Missouri taxpayers said, “To hell with you and your sales tax, pay for the stadium yourself,” and if I’m being honest, I don’t blame them. There’s just one problem. If the Chiefs can’t finalize a proposal, they might just up and move out of Kansas City. Should Taylor Swift just build them a new stadium? Swiftie Field? She’s a billionaire now…

That would be hard to imagine, but at this point, it’s very possible. The Chiefs can realistically explore different cities that might be willing to host them, and we know of one town in Texas that is dying to have a successful NFL team.


When Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson heard the news about the Chiefs possibly being in need of a new home, he went ahead and put out a flyer, so to speak. Johnson told the Dallas Morning News:

“Dallas was named the top sports city in the United States because we play to win. As I have said previously, our market is big enough, growing enough, and loves football more than enough to support a second NFL team—especially a franchise (and an owner) with deep roots here.”

The Dallas Cowboys and the Dallas Chiefs? Could that work?

Like the mayor himself said, there are enough football crazed people in Dallas to support another team, especially one that can actually win postseason games. Plus, the Kansas City Chiefs actually started as the AFL’s Dallas Texans in the 1960s before they eventually relocated to Missouri. It could be a sort of homecoming?

I don’t know how you feel, but I hate it when one city has two different teams (even though the Cowboys technically play in Arlington). For some reason I feel as though there should be a one team limit, just so more of the football can be spread around.

However, I would make an exception to my made-up rule if it meant the Dallas Cowboys became a little brother to the Dallas Chiefs…

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