ECU Kid Single-Handedly Destroys Group Of Frat Bros While Florida Georgia Line’s “Cruise” Hilariously Plays In The Background

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So much for strength in numbers.

You’ve likely seen your fair share of fight videos, but trust me, you’ve never seen one play out like this one does. This might be the first one versus seven matchup in the history of the world where the one person came out victorious. It’s truly a sight to see, and something you only normally get to watch happen on the big screen (see John Wick, Die Hard, etc.).

This time though, what should have been a lopsided fight was captured on the small screen, as in the one that fits in your pocket. When anything crazy happens nowadays, people immediately grab for their phone to film it. That’s not always a good thing, though it did provide us with this unreal footage this time around.

A fight broke out at what looks to be a student apartment building’s pool area near the campus of East Carolina University. One man ended up confronting at least seven others, and wildly, it was the group of seven that were in bad shape afterwards. If I’m one of the seven people that challenged this one man and ended up losing, I would never show my face at that pool again. I’m changing schools, I’m getting new friends. Both because it was an incredibly embarrassing loss and my face is probably permanently caved in after battling against this punching machine of a man.

We’re not sure how the fight came to be, but you can hear whoever that’s filming the violent interaction say something along the lines of “he wouldn’t shake his hand.” And right before the first dude gets cold cocked in the jaw, he appears seems to utter a word that seemingly led to the punch. Do your own lip-reading…

Roll the tape:

There’s really just a whole lot going on this clip, so much so that I decided to lay out the highlights below:

-Right from the get go, notice the kid who looks like he’s about 15 years old just hit the vape and walk away shaking his head… he knew.

-The dude who eats the first punch just completely disappears… insert Homer Simpson bushes meme.

-The seven guys fight like villains in an action movie, only attacking one at a time instead of going all at once, just kind of slapping at the air. You think these movies like John Wick are a little over the top until you see it play out in real life.

-A few of the friends just stand there… do absolutely nothing. Maybe break it up if you don’t want to participate? Maybe stop your 5 idiots friends from getting destroyed.

-The guy in the blue shorts gets knocked out not once, but TWICE, and they are both brutal take downs. Knees buckle, dude folds like a cheap lawn chair.

-Florida Georgia Line’s “Cruise” is playing in the background is just too perfect since this guy was cruising through these frat dudes like nothing.

It’s truly a remarkable video, and one that you’ll likely watch multiple times just so you can wrap your head around what happened. The post’s caption calls for a deal with the UFC, and I think they’re on to something with that pitch.

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