Zach Bryan Viciously Pelted With Cakes To Kick Off His 28th Birthday Celebration

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Happy (early) birthday to Zach Bryan.

While we did pull y’all leg with some ZB news this morning (sorry, not sorry about it), this one is not a drill. Tomorrow, April 2nd, is the “Something In The Orange” singer’s 28th birthday.

While being on the road sometimes means that you have to spend your birthday and other significant holidays away from your family and friends, I’d say ZB is one of the few lucky ones that has a lot of his friends and family on the tour with him. With his dad being at nearly every show so far, his girlfriend being on tour, and many of his closest friends taking the stage with him, they are making sure his birthday does not go unnoticed.

So much so they aren’t afraid to get down and dirty.

His girlfriend, Brianna Chickenfry, posted a video of him walking into what looks like a green room. As soon as the door opens and he sees a slew of people, you hear Bryan gripe about the pre-birthday celebration.

“Oh, God.”

But as his chocolate lab, Jack is ready to enter the room with his father, he is the smarter of the duo, dipping out right as friends, jumping out from all angles, absolutely CLOCKING Bryan with cakes. He gets a cake right the the head, knocking off his hat and sending him to the ground as many others fly through the air to hit him as well.

His girlfriend then comes in as everyone in the room starts singing Happy Birthday just to get him one last time in the face.

ZB looked so off balance from the velocity of the first hit that the rest of the video was chaos in the best way possible. Nothing like ringing in another lap around the sun than getting mauled by cakes from people who love you.

Happy Birthday, ZB.

@ihatebriannachickenfryIts zacharys bday week and he got annihilated♬ original sound – Brianna LaPaglia

Check out some of the prime comments left on this video.

“That first cake throw was personal for sure.”

“The way the dog assessed the situation and then dipped.”

“The way he just dropped to the ground.”

“Him stumbling to get back up is hilarious.”

“Lmao the grand finale.”

“Y’all did him dirty.”

“Why did it sound like he was getting pummeled by rocks.”

“Jack said…nope.”

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