Willie Nelson’s 1974 Concert At The Texas Opry House Is Solid Country Gold

Willie Nelson country music
Youtube/Vintage Willie Nelson

Solid country gold.

Back in 1974, Willie Nelson was hitting a point in his career that he never could’ve imagined, helping pioneer the country outlaw movement with his friend Waylon Jennings and turning the country genre on its head in the process.

They started a movement that carries on an indelible legacy to this day, and I would do just about anything to go back to the 70’s and see them perform in person. There’s of course tons of old footage floating around from that decade, and no matter where he’s playing, Willie always brought that special something with him that’s cemented his legacy as one of the greatest to ever do it.

And because I’m always looking around for old footage of him that might just be the best vintage concert video I’ve ever seen.

He played a show at the Texas Opry House, a place he played all the time, on June 29th, 1974, and it’s absolutely magical.

Obviously, there’s not too much to it, and he doesn’t really move around too much on stage, just sings his songs and captivates the audience with his pure talent, along with his equally impressive band.

Featuring hits like “Whiskey River,” “Bloody Mary Morning,” ” Sad Songs and Waltzes,” a medley of “Funny How Time Slips Away,” “Crazy,” and “Night Life” and even a duet with Sammi Smith on “Truck Drivin’ man” and “Georgia On A Fast Train,” it’s a spectacular watch and piece of history.

It’s almost strange t see how simple and earnest concerts used to be, but it’s incredibly refreshing and clearly, you don’t need all that extra stuff if you have what Willie Nelson has in spades… the “it” factor, I guess you could call it, for lack of a better phrase.

Do yourself a favor and add this 1974 concert to your must-watch list this week, you certainly won’t regret it:

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