Oregon Man Narrowly Avoided “Death By Runaway Saw Blade” In Wild Security Camera Footage

Oregon saw blade

If you don’t believe in guardian angels, you might change your mind after watching this video.

A Eugene, Oregon resident by the name of Shane Reimche nearly lost his life last week as he walked into a Quicktrips Neighborhood Market. He was just going into the store to grab a few things, and was almost in the wrong place at the wrong time.

In a scene right out the Final Destination movie franchise, Reimche had just opened up the door to the store when he heard commotion across the way coming from a construction site. When he heard yelling and others diving to the ground, along with a large piece of metal hurtling in his direction, Shane dove into the store and behind the store’s counter.

The Oregon resident recalled the incident when he spoke with KEZI 9:

“I was walking into the store here, I put my hand on the door and I heard a loud bang and yelling. Just as a cloud of smoke pops up and I see a guy fall in the ditch.

And a four-foot blade hurtling at me. Last minute I was able to duck behind the counter.”

Security camera footage from outside the Quicktrips captured the terrifying video in its entirety, and showed that Shane Reimche was lucky to be alive:

The 4-foot saw blade came bouncing across the parking lot at high speed and lodged itself right into the wall of the market, inches from where Reimche has just been standing seconds before. Amit Grewal, the store’s owner, said that the impact of the saw blade shook the entire building.

And I believe it. Just look how far the runaway saw blade lodged into the exterior of the building:


The active construction site was a project by Northwest Natural Gas, along with two other companies that were doing contract work on their behalf. A communications director for the company released this statement in regards to the scary close call:

“This incident involved a contractor at a NW Natural job site. We are reviewing our association with this contractor, and we have removed the contractor from other work for us for now.”

I may have also said something like, “We’re also working to ensure that our high-velocity runaway death saws don’t ever get this close to killing someone again.” They’re lucky that no one was hurt during the incident.

You can view the local news story below:

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