Idiotic Man Stands In The Middle Of Road As Bison Herd Stampedes In Yellowstone National Park

bison stampede

And the award for “National Park Idiot of the Year” goes to…

There are some people that live on God’s green Earth that live their life like they’re invincible. The man in this video, who stands right in the middle of a road in Yellowstone National Park with a bison herd barreling right at him, is one of those people.

This might sound cruel, but unfortunately, those type of people don’t always get the wake up call that they deserve. What do I mean by that? Well, the man who shot this first person footage of himself parting the sea of bison like he’s Moses probably should have gotten rammed, or at the very least nudged.

But it was as if the guardian angel of stupidity was watching over him, because he didn’t even get grazed as the bison came within inches (not feet) of him. He was weirdly looking forward to the herd approaching him too, asking out loud if they would come right at him or veer off the road before they got to him.

The National Park Service advises tourists to stay 25 yards away from wild animals within the parks. Nowhere, and I mean nowhere, in NPS guidance do they encourage people to stand right in the path of a bison herd so you can get a crazy video to post on social media.

This guy must not have gotten that memo:

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There are some that assume he’s shooting this footage from inside a vehicle, considering you can hear the engine noise purring in the background. However, a couple of the bison pass by him at a distance much closer than a car would allow, so I feel pretty confident that this “touron” is unintelligently standing right in the path of the herd.

He’s lucky he wasn’t gored by one of the passing bison, though if it makes you feel any better, those within the comments of the TikTok really hit him where it hurts by tossing insults his way:

“That’s was insane and extremely dangerous.”

“Tourists are such foolish people.”

“That is what you call nothing between your ears.”

“Tourist tossing season, and this one really deserves it.”

“This is proof that animals are smarter than humans.”

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