NASCAR Xfinity Series Driver Joey Gase Rips Off Bumper After Wreck, Throws It At Another Car

Joey Gase NASCAR

You’ve heard of “rubbin’ is racing,” but have you heard of “throwin’ is racing?”

NASCAR Xfinity driver Joey Gase decided to bring a new element to racing earlier today. The bumper of a race car is a very important part of the vehicle, and Gase just wanted to show off the car part’s versatility.

It was late into the race at Richmond Raceway when a crash occurred on Lap 173. Gase, the driver of the number 35 car, was battling with Dawson Cram (in the number 4 car) for the 31st position when Cram made contact with Gase and sent him into the outer wall.

You could immediately tell that Gase was frustrated by the contact that ended his day at the Richmond Raceway, though I don’t think anyone could have guessed what he would do to retaliate.

As Dawson Cram was coming back around the track, Gase exited his vehicle and went to the back of his car to assess the damage. Then he had an idea…

The driver of the number 35 car started pulling at his bumper, which had “Race Against Crime” pasted on the back of it (along with McGruff the Crime Dog). Gase ripped the entire back portion off, then started walking down towards the cleared portion of the track where racers were still moving through with his bumper in tow.

When the number 4 car drove by, Gase launched the bumper as hard as he could right at Cram’s windshield. It was a truly wild moment, and might I say guess that it’s the first time a bumper has been chucked in the history of NASCAR?

Take a look:

Absolutely hilarious.

NASCAR, even the Xfinity series, is simply the best. Shoutout to Gase for the fast thinking and creativity. I mean, how do you even think to tear off your crashed car’s bumper and throw it at someone?

And the icing on the cake is the fact that the bumper read “Race Against Crime.” Throwing a piece of your race car isn’t exactly against the law, but I don’t think McGruff the Crime Dog (who is also featured on the car) would condone that kind of behavior.

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