Gnarly Kangaroo Fight Ends With One Being Thrown Straight Through A Fence

Kangaroo fight


It’s no secret that kangaroos can throw hands. We’ve seen examples of roos being formidable, untrained boxers time and time again. Sometimes they face off against other animals, and sometimes they trade blows with humans who challenge them.

But have you ever seen a kangaroo win a fight in WWE wrestling fashion? I’m talking a full-out TLC (Tables, Ladders, and Chairs) match? This video might not be exactly that, though it’s as close as any kangaroo battle is ever going to get.

The two roos in the clip below were locked into a knock down, drag out. It was a relatively even match, with both creatures being the same relative size and both being more than capable of landing haymakers.

As they wild animals from the “Land Down Under” got tangled up with one another, they accidentally launched themselves into a spinning frenzy. That made the battle get even more out of control, all while putting a nearby fence in jeopardy.

Though isn’t that probably what the fence is there for? To keep the kangaroos in a certain area, or at the very least, keep them out of a specific space? Considering what happened next, I’d say the answer to that question is firm no.

One of the kangaroos was able to control all of the momentum, so at the very last second, it channeled all of the spinning into one big, aggressive push. The fence was no match for an out of control kangaroo quickly falling backwards, and the long-tailed animal busted right through it.

I can confirm that the smashing noise you hear when the roo goes through the fence is 100% authentic, though the music and crowd noise that was added in was not:

What a takedown.

Doesn’t it look like the other kangaroo who didn’t go through the fence is a little surprised by what happened? I even think there’s a little bit of “Where did the other kangaroo go?” on its face as it stands there like a statute staring through the new opening in the fencing. I’d take that kangaroo as a bodyguard any day of the week.

Would a “bouncer” joke be too on the nose? You know, since they hop around? I’ll see myself out…

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