Chris Stapleton Says He’s A Big Beyoncé Fan, Jokes He’ll Start Copying Her Live Shows: “Get Me Nearly Naked On A Bearskin Rug”

Beyonce and Chris Stapleton country music
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If you’ve seen Chris Stapleton in concert, you know that his shows are a no-frills event focused solely on the music and his powerful voice. He doesn’t dance around (in fact he barely moves) and his band is downright sparse compared to some of the other superstars in country music. And he definitely doesn’t do any costume changes.

But apparently Chris and his wife Morgane (who also performs alongside of him onstage at each show) recently took in a show that was pretty much the complete opposite of his… and it sounds like it gave him some ideas for his own performances.

During an interview with GQ, Chris and Morgane discussed seeing a recent Beyoncé concert in Atlanta. And while it may seem like that wouldn’t be his style, the powerhouse country singer was impressed by the pop superstar:

“It’s a big show. You know, there’s dancers and explosions, all those things, but at the core of it it’s just her singing her *** off.”

Morgane was also impressed with the energy that Beyoncé brought to her live shows:

“At some point, we hit a wall and it was just like, How is she still going?” 

But Chris was impressed with the singer’s ability to conserve energy during the show, going from high-energy numbers to ballads that showed off her vocal range – and gave her a break from all the dancing:

“She was conserving energy. You could see when she would recharge—be singing and not doing all the energy stuff, and then go back to doing the high-energy stuff.”

That wasn’t all that he was impressed with though: Apparently Chris enjoyed the videos that Beyoncé showed on screen while she was offstage making her costume changes. And he even joked that it was something he might have to add to his own shows:

“Maybe we can do that for my show. Just get me nearly naked on a bearskin rug.”

I mean, that would definitely get the crowd’s attention.

But when you have a voice like Chris Stapleton, I’m not sure that you really need to add anything else to your shows to get attention. The crowd is hanging on to every word he sings anyway – and he didn’t even have to get naked on a bearskin rug to draw them in.

And hey, now that Beyoncé is in her “country” era (even though she said herself Cowboy Carter isn’t a country record), maybe her and Chris can take the stage together. Chris has a whole lot of soul and blues in his sound… it would work.

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