Caleb Williams’ Alleged Girlfriend Goes Viral After The Future #1 Pick Was Mocked For Pink Phone & Painted Fingernails

Caleb Williams girlfriend

To each their own.

Caleb Williams is about to become an NFL star overnight when he inevitably goes number one overall in the NFL draft to the Chicago Bears. The 2022 Heisman winner proved that he was one of college football’s top players time and time again, and the football world will finally see that confirmed when his name is called first on April 25th.

There’s usually a lot more controversy and conversation around who the number one overall pick will be, but this year, it’s been Williams all the way. You could just tell that the Bears were sold on him early on, and especially when they were present for his pro day.

However, there is a slight issue with Caleb Williams, though it probably shouldn’t matter all that much in the football realm of things. Those on social media don’t know how to feel about Caleb’s off-field persona. That was really made evident when the star QB was spotted at a USC basketball game recently with his painted finger nails and pink phone:

Caleb Williams isn’t necessarily doing anything wrong there, but it still didn’t sit right with some people. As you might imagine, the memes came pouring in poking fun at Williams and the “Hollywood” personality that’s about to make a move to the Windy City:

With all the uncertainty surrounding Williams, some internet sleuths dove deep into the quarterback’s life to bring to light something that may ease the worries of some Chicago fans. What did they find. you might be asking?

Caleb’s rumored girlfriend Valery Orellana.

The pair have allegedly been dating since 2020, and rarely ever share pictures of one another on their respective social media accounts. You can go ahead and be a social media detective yourself if you’d like, because you won’t find many pictures of them together.

But according to the internet (I know that sounds dangerous), the couple is still together, and Valery was seen at Caleb’s game supporting him. Here is a picture of her with a friend at a USC game:

So there you have it. Caleb Williams has managed a long-term (and apparently a long distance) relationship for most of his college career. If the dude wants to wear nail polish and have a pink phone, let him do it. It really doesn’t matter.

Actually, it will sort of matter. If he lights up the NFL, everyone will forget about it. If Williams struggles though? All of this “Hollywood” stuff will come back to haunt him. It’s not fair, but that’s just how sports fans work. Especially in Chicago…

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