Chicago Bears Fans Rejoice As They Watch Caleb Williams Throw Bombs During Pro Day

Caleb Williams

It’s full steam ahead with Caleb Williams for the Chicago Bears.

Owners of the number one pick in the upcoming NFL Draft, the Bears appear to be a lock to pick USC quarterback Caleb Williams to lead them into the future. They’ve even shored up the roster in anticipation of the talented QB joining the team, and one of those key additions was Pro-Bowl wide receiver Keenan Allen.

The Justin Fields trade away was no surprise at all, though it did take longer to pull off than expected. However, the addition of Allen to the Bears’ wide receiver room was a shock to many, and proves that Chicago has their eyes set on success from here on out with Williams at the helm.

He’s not technically a Bear yet, though it’s about as safe as a bet as you can make. His future Chicago teammate even attended his Pro Day at USC, and it looks like Allen quickly traded in his Chargers gear for the orange and navy of Bears:

And when it came time for Caleb to do his thing, he certainly looked like the number one pick in the NFL Draft. One video in particular is quickly making its way around social media, showing Williams finish off his Pro Day with an absolute monster dime to a WR down field.

Throwing BOMBS:

After he completed the impressive pass, he kicked a punt in celebration:

Obviously, that throw got Chicago Bears fans excited. They started going wild in anticipation of having that kind of talent at the quarterback position:

But on the flip side, there were just as many “haters” playing devil’s advocate, which is typical for social media in the modern age. Some X (formerly Twitter) users were there to remind viewers of the video that Pro Days are supposed to make players look good:

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