Little Girl Sends Neighborhood Cat Spinning After Clipping It With Her Souped-Up Toy Car

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I could see Vin Diesel watching this and thinking it would be a great idea for the Fast and the Furious‘ newest spinoff: The Fast and the Furriest.

And it’s funny that I mentioned spinoff, because I’ve never seen any living thing spin as fast as this cat did after it got clipped by the toy car. This neighborhood cat put on a masterclass for “tucking and rolling,” and pulled off four and a half of the fastest barrel rolls the world has ever seen.

It doesn’t look like the cat looked both ways before trying to cross the road, so the incident is partially on the animal. However, the feline was kind of standing out in the open when the little girl drove her toy car by the actual car, and she didn’t even try to throw on the brakes for even a second.

If they ended up exchanging insurance information after this accident, I’m not sure who is at fault, and I also don’t know how old you are supposed to be in order to drive a souped-up toy car (I guess whatever the age limit thing says on the box it came in).

This has to be some sort of modified toy car right? Or are they making them now that go this fast? I remember I had one as a kid that maybe (barely) exceeded two miles an hour. Plus, the battery on it was horrible, and I got to joyride for a total of five minutes before it had to get plugged back in for 6 hours so it could reach full charge.

Maybe the toy car industry has really evolved since I was a kid, but I can’t think that a parent would be excited about seeing their child drive one so fast that it looks like the Paw Patrol version of Grand Theft Auto.

The girl comes zooming down the road, and the poor cat uses one (or maybe two) of its nine lives as it takes a direct hit on the front left bumper of the purple miniature roadster. Usually a cat’s instincts leads them into better situations than this, however this one zigged when it should have zagged and ended up getting some road rash because of it.

Like I mentioned earlier, this cat barrel rolls a good 15 feet before gathering its bearings and turning the roll into a run. On the other hand, after the initial impact, the girl goes into an accidental drift (looks pretty badass to be honest) and once she makes contact with the curb, she also goes into a spin-off of sorts.

She finally comes to somewhat of a stop after she slides across the entire other side of the road and slamming into the taller curb. The cat is long gone (meaning it has run off, not deceased) when the girl gains back control of her vehicle. As if she is some sort of professional demolition derby driver, she repositions herself in her seat and then keeps driving along like nothing happened.

It seems like I can confirm that both the girl and the cat escaped relatively unharmed, though the girl’s Cars themed car (car-ception) probably has a couple of major scratches on the rims and sides.

Take a look:

Barbie Jeep Race Is The Definition Of Redneck Extreme Sports

Families that race Barbie Jeeps together… stay together?

I thought I had seen it all. I’ve seen the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, I’ve seen the hills of Tennessee, and some damn hilarious drunk stories since joining the staff here at Whiskey Riff, but this is a first for me.

And I’m not gonna lie, this is actually freakin’ awesome.

Lauren Partin, a professional race car driver and native of Peebles, Ohio, and her family had the obscure yet incredible idea of getting a shit ton of Barbie Jeeps, and racing down a big hill.

I mean this is serious stuff. The racers were decked out in helmets and costumes, bails of hay were laid to mark the track, and a ton of spectators were there to cheer on the Partins.

I thought this was going to be a casual race between a dad and his daughters in the neighborhood or something, your run of the mill soapbox derby. Boy was I wrong…

It was absolute PANDOMONIUM.

In the video, you see the family begin to make their way down the hill, but most of them only lasted about three seconds before spiraling out of control and completely wrecking their shit, a total yard sale.

The others made it a pretty good ways, until a couple of them flipped only a few feet from the finish line.

I’ll be the first to say that the flips looked pretty gnarly, but everybody seemed to make it out unharmed.

Just legendary stuff right here.

Apparently…. it’s quite the Redneck Olympic sport.

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