Hardy Shares 17-Song Tracklist For ‘Hixtape Volume 3: Difftape’

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Ryan Smith

Hixtape Vol. 3 is slated to drop this Friday.

Officially titled Hixtape Volume 3: Difftape, the project, spearheaded and put together by HARDY,  is a tribute to the legendary Joe Diffie and all of his great music.

And yesterday, Hardy revealed the full tracklist on social media, and of course, it features some of Diffie’s most iconic songs like the already-released “John Deere Green (feat. Hardy and Morgan Wallen)” and “Pickup Man (feat. Post Malone).”

In addition, “Bigger Than The Beatles,” “C-O-U-N-T-R-Y,” “Honky Tonk Attitude” and more will be featured on the 17-song tribute album:

We have yet to hear which artists will be featured on each song, but in the teaser video Hardy shared below, you can see a quick shot of Texas crooner Randall King, and Hardy previously hinted at Koe Wetzel being featured too, so we might see him included this time around as well.

I love the concept of celebrating Joe Diffie’s music in such a big way like this, and I’m excited to see who all is included in just a few short days. Hardy says this was meant to be “a huge nod” to one of his musical heroes, and that fans won’t “believe the people that are on this”:

“‘Difftape’ is all Joe Diffie songs and it’s just a huge nod, tip of the hat, if you will, to the icon that is Joe Diffie.

Rest in peace, we all love you, we all miss you and we just wanted to do something special and different and cool. So this is the biggest ‘Hixtape’ ever, 30 of our best country friends and singers.

You’re not gonna believe all the people that are on this… I’m so proud of all the people that said yes to this.”

Stay tuned…

Hixtape Volume 3: Difftape tracklist:

1. “A Night To Remember”
2. “Bigger Than The Beatles”
3. “C-O-U-N-T-R-Y”
4. “Home”
5. “Honky Tonk Attitude”
6. “If The Devil Danced (In Empty Pockets)”
7. “In Another World”
8. “Is It Cold In Here”
9. “John Deere Green” [Hardy, Morgan Wallen]
10. –
11. “New Way (To Light UpAn Old Flame)”
12. “Pickup Man” [Post Malone]
13. “Prop Me Up Beside The Jukebox (If I Die)”
14. “Ships That Don’t Come In”
15. “So Help Me Girl”
16. “Texas Size Heartache”
17. “Third Rock From the Sun”

“John Deere Green”

“Pickup Man (feat. Post Malone)”

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