Man Wearing A Grizzly Bear Hide Pulls Off Hilarious (& Kind Of Dangerous) Roadside Prank

Guy in a bear suit pulls prank

This is as funny as it gets…

What a prank… I mean, how this guy even came up with the idea is beyond me. I do have a theory though… he probably saw all the videos online of people getting dangerously close to very dangerous and wild animals and thought he would have some fun with that.

Grizzly bears are the natural-born-killers of the woods. Highly renowned hunters of all things edible. They can be huge, weighing around 700-pounds on average, but fight and bite like they are twice that size.

Why a person would ever think approaching one is a good idea is a question we all should ask. But, constantly we see it happening. These folks have a death wish.

This fella set out to teach some folks a lesson.

A grizzly lays out roadside looking like its in rough shape, probably hit by a car. A crowd begins to form as they always do, and even the people filming seem to think someone needs to put it out of its misery.

Which, as many of the comments pointed out, could’ve been bad news for the guy in the suit. Dressing up like a bear and scary people is probably a good way to get yourself shot.

One man takes upon himself to play game warden and approach the injured animal as everyone else watches the show.

As he gets up close to the bear it starts to move and actually stands right up, sending the man running. From underneath the fur out comes a man hysterically laughing as he sheds off his bear hide.

What. A. Prank.

That’s some grade A comedy right there, although, it’s also probably a good way to get shot. So if you’re going to replicate it, proceed with caution.

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Black Bear Charges Canadian Bowhunter

Anyone who spends time in bear country always entertains the idea that they could be charged by a bear, but never truly imagines it happening until it does.

All you can do is be prepared…

Running into a bear will get your heart pumping pretty fast on its own, but when the bear acts aggressive it hits a whole new level.

This video shows a man in Ontario, Canada, hunting with a recurve bow and arrow set up. Alone, it’s impressive enough… recurve hunting takes an incredible amount of knowledge and skill to be successful.

The man seems to be crouched behind some brush, but then, a black bear is seen walking along a roadside through some grass.

As the bear gets closer the hunter starts to draw back and seems to startle it. In a flash it charges the man. The last time the bear is seen on camera it is lounging at the man as he seems to drop his phone and fall down while trying to get away from the bear.

It is some pretty crazy footage.

The camera is pointed to the ground as struggling noises seem to be heard.

The hunter picks up the phone and runs down the road away from the bear and the incident. He then flips the video to himself and has some of the best quotes following a bear charge that have ever been said.

“Should have shot him a long time ago… tabarnak scare me like that.”

He was almost laughing about it.

The hunter is visibly a little shook up, but also seems to be fairly humorous about the situation.

That shows that this man is not your typical woodsmen and this was indeed not his first rodeo.

But this video also really shows how hard recurve hunting can be.

Getting so close to wildlife like this can pose other risks that the distance of rifle hunting doesn’t necessarily offer. Granted, everything can change in an instant, but proximity to the animal always invites the possibility of surprising the animal, and a dangerous encounter.

Thankfully, he’ll live to hunt another day.

Two Pigs Bravely Fight Off Hungry Black Bear In Connecticut

If there’s one thing most people in America can agree on, it’s that pigs are the source of one of life’s greatest foods: Bacon.

I know there’s those vegans, but hey, you can’t please everyone.

But it turns out some pigs are made of a bit more than just porkchops and tenderloins.

Take Mary and Hammy, for example. They’re two pigs living in New Milford, Connecticut and are now famous for the bravery they showed when a hungry black bear decided to make a visit to their pen.

The bear takes its time climbing the fence and entering the cage, but when it finally does, Mary immediately charges it, seeming to catch it off guard.

Hammy, hearing the commotion, comes running out of the hog house and spears the bear, who backs into the corner wearily. After a few tense moments, the bear hops out and all three go on about their lives.

Didn’t want none of that smoke.

The pigs owner Rebecca Shaw told NBC Connecticut

“I am very proud of them because Hammy, the little one especially, he’s afraid of his own shadow and the way he came charging out when he seen Mary tussling with the bear”

Wild scene and certainly not one I was expecting.

Even though it’s the smallest type in North America, Black Bears are no joke and are known to snack on some livestock when the opportunity presents itself.

Fortunately for Mary and Hammy, that day they came out on top.

And how about that fence? Having a heavy bear just climbing and sitting on top of it and it barely moving is truly an engineering feat. Great work to whoever put that up.

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