Sea Lion Pulls Small Girl Into Water, Heroic Man Jumps In To Rescue Her

Sea lion attacks girl

Absolutely terrifying…

A group of tourists were enjoying their day near the water in British Columbia, Canada, when a curious sea lion made its way over to the dock they were on.

Of course, most people associate sea lions with aquariums and bouncing beach balls on their nose, but as these people soon found out, that’s not what they’re actually like at all.

Sea lions are predators whose diet consists of various fish, squid, octopus, and really anything they can get their hands and teeth on.

Well, this sea lion started checking out the people above it and they incorrectly assumed it was friendly. It was clearly eyeing up a little girl who was there, as her small size made her a quite easy target.

Her parents are absolutely to blame for allowing her to get to close and sit on the edge in hopes of getting a picture with the animal, who saw its opportunity and struck, grabbing the girl and pulling her down into the water.

Panic immediately set in as the child was dragged under the surface and one brave man immediately jumped in, was able to get the girl and bring her back to safety on the dock.

Beyond grateful he was there and no one was seriously hurt or worse from the encounter.

But this is yet another great example that wild animals are just that, wild. No matter how cute they may look, you’re just a few seconds away from tragedy…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock