“There’s A Storm Brewing” – Koe Wetzel Teases New Song Coming Soon

Koe Wetzel Music/IG
Koe Wetzel Music/IG

I already love the sound of this one.

Koe Wetzel is teasing another new song over on Instagram, which features a clip of the audio and shots of him recording in the studio.

We get to hear a little bit of the first verse, which is super heavy on piano and electric guitar, but also has a little bit of twang to it too, especially in terms of the lyrcs:

“There’s a storm brewing
In a pool hall down in Houston
Where some poor old boy’s
‘Bout to get his teeth knocked out”

The melody is super catchy, and I’m really excited to her the whole song (hopefully sometime soon). Koe also recently released a single called “Damn Near Normal,” which is the first new song he’s put out since his 2022 Hell Paso album.

Needless to say, since it’s been going on two years since his last studio album, fans have been wondering when the Texas rocker might drop his next project, and it feels like we might be getting pretty close to an announcement.

Check out the teaser for this new one and see what you think:

Stay tuned…

“Damn Near Normal”

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