Indigo Snake Slurps Down Whole Rat Snake Like A Piece Of Spaghetti

snake eats another snake

It’s a snake eat snake world out there.

Indigo snakes are the largest snakes native to North America, reaching up to 9 feet long in some cases. They are relatively docile, non-venomous constrictor snakes, that will hunt anything it can from small mammals and rodents to lizards and bird eggs. These large predators use their size to overpower their prey and get wrapped tightly around them.

Rat snakes are large snakes that roam the lands too, reaching lengths of 7 feet at most. They are also non-venomous constrictors, eating small mammals, birds and rodents.

But their size difference allows for indigo snakes to prey on smaller rat snakes, and this video showed us just how that can go down.

An indigo snake and a rat snake come together in a face off. Immediately the larger indigo snake takes the upper hand and begins chopping down on the rat snake’s head. The snake then works its way down the whole snake, which moves to the bitter end, slurping it down just like a piece of spaghetti.

Nature is wild.

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