Florida Fisherman Snags Largemouth Bass From Between Two Alligators

fish alligator
Captain Shane

Fishing is supposed to be relaxing, but down in Florida, it’s always a roll of the dice thanks to over a million alligators that patrol the waterways.

Now, I’ve done a decent amount of fishing in the Sunshine State and truthfully the gators are mostly a non-factor. If you don’t mess with them, they don’t mess with you.

But things change if you’re dangling a free meal in front of their face, as this kid found out when one grabbed a bass off the shore that he just reeled in.

Most fishers do their best to just avoid them and will move along if one shows up in their spot, but there’s always a few that enjoy playing with fire, like Captain Shane, who charters fishing trips in and around the Florida Everglades.

He was fishing a creek filed with gators, at least two of which are seen in the video. And while they didn’t seem to pose a serious threat, watching him snag a good sized largemouth bass and pull it between the two predators, getting it on shore, then releasing it, all in one smooth process, is extremely impressive.

Snuck that one right by ’em.

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A beer bottle on a dock