Ella Langley Craves The High From “Nicotine” And A Young, Wild Love On New Single

Ella Langley country music
Ella Langley

Nothin’ like a good old fashioned vice.

Today, Ella Langley released a new song called “Nicotine,” which she co-wrote along with Joybeth Taylor, Zachary Kale and Jon Nite.

It finds the Alabama native reflecting on her vices, comparing her longing for this person to the cravings you get from the nicotine in a cigarette. No matter what, she’s always left wanting more and can’t seem to focus on anything else other than chasing that elusive high:

“Baby, be my nicotine
My lips on a buzz smoke ring
Feels good under neon lights
Stiff drink at the end of the night

Be the thing that I crave so bad
Leave me wanting just a one more drag
Take my breath, make it hard to breathe
The one I want, but I just don’t need
Baby, be my nicotine”

It’s pretty simple and pretty in terms of the production, and Ella says the song is about craving someone they way you crave a vice, and was inspired by that “young, rebellious love that everybody wants”:

“We wrote ‘Nicotine’ about craving someone almost as much as you crave, or not more, hopefully more, than the vices that you had when you were around 20-something.

I wrote ‘Nicotine’ with Joybeth Taylor, Zachary Kale and Jon Nite. Three of my favorites.’Nicotine’ is kind of that young, rebellious love that everybody wants.”

The Alabama out out her debut EP Excuse the Mess last year, and has also teamed up with Koe Wetzel and Kameron Marlow on “That’s Why We Fight” and “Strangers,” respectively.

She is currently out on the road opening for Riley Green on his Ain’t My Last Rodeo tour, and hopefully we’ll be hearing a lot more from her this year.

Check it out:

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