Yellowstone Tourists Inexplicably Tramp Through Iconic Hot Spring

people walk through hot springs

It’s officially Spring, which means outdoor activities will be back in full force soon, if they’re not already.

That entails barbecues, fishing, drinking by the lake, and of course, visiting national parks, the pride and joy of public lands in the United States that ensures access to the great natural wonders and resources our landscape has to offer for all citizens capable of getting themselves there.

But there’s always some sort of trouble afoot because some of the citizens, well, they’re not the brightest.

There’s been countless examples of people harassing wildlife like bison and elk, but another thing that continually happens is tourists walking where they’re not supposed to walk.

James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan recently made headlines by pleading guilty to stepping into a thermal area and now there’s video hitting the internet of two other tourists walking into the middle of one of the most underrated features of America’s oldest national park.

Grand Prismatic Spring is the largest hot spring in Yellowstone, ranging between 200 to 300 feet in diameter while being around 120 feet deep, according to the NPS.

The spring has an incredible array of colors throughout it due to trillions of microscopic organisms, called thermophiles, that live in the hot, alkaline water, which can ranges in temperature from 145 to 189 degrees.

Well, these two geniuses decided to forgo reading, or flat-out ignore, the various signs posted that say something along the lines of “Hey dummy, don’t leave the boardwalk because you might get hurt. Yes, it looks fine, but if you cause a disturbance in the natural process it might explode and scald you with piping hot water.”

One of our favorite accounts, Tourons Of Yellowstone, reposted it for the whole world to see.

Come on dudes, you have to be better than that.

I don’t know if they received a citation or any punishment for their actions, but they sure deserved it.

I totally get wanting to go check things out closely, I really do, but if you let one person do it than all 3 million guests per year will want to and the landscape will be completely ruined, not to mention a lot of people will get hurt…

You may not like the rules, but they’re there for a reason and I hope these two learn from this.

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