“Please Don’t Flip My Car” – Man Accidentally Hits Windshield Wipers & Spooks Big Bison

Bison grunts at car
Mark O'Brien


Bison are the largest animals to roam North America, reaching weights over 2,000 pounds. These beasts roam around and rule the lands wherever they are. Their biggest tool is their size and strength, both physical and in numbers, using it to fight off predators and intimidate anything that debates getting close to them.

Bison roams through fields and graze away without many worries… other than people bothering them.

Places like Yellowstone National Park house many of these creatures and the roads through these remote areas give great access to seeing these creatures. But that of course comes with some slight risk, like the chance a bison could ram your vehicle and cause thousands of dollars of damage in an instant.

This guy had a close call as he was observing a nearby bison as he was stopped on a road. The bison starts to wander in front of him and the man accidentally hits his wipers. That grabs the bison’s attention immediately causing it to grunt at them at them. Yikes….

The bison stares them down and walks off as if to say “I could mess you up if I wanted to.”

I guess today was their lucky day… what an amazing animal.

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