Luke Combs Shares His Completed March Madness Bracket, Takes UNC To Win

Luke combs country music
Zack Massey

Growing up in North Carolina, March Madness is taken very seriously.

March really just means it’s time to roll those TV’s out of the closet (if you know, you know and I also know I’m showing my age), forget most of the school work for the span of a few weeks, and usually, all of the Tobacco Road rivalries are in full effect.

Now personally, I’m probably different than most in my state in that I don’t care for any of our big basketball schools like Duke or Carolina (Go Mountaineers!), but I’m very much in the minority outside of Western North Carolina.

And unfortunately for me, country superstar Luke Combs is a North Carolina fan (though yes, he did go to Appalachian State), and he shared his full March Madness bracket earlier, taking the Tar Heels (ew) as his NCAA Men’s Basketball champion for 2024 over their fellow #1 seed Houston.

He also has NC State making it to the Elite 8, and Samford over Kansas for a good old fashioned March Madness upset. You can check out all of his picks in the post below:

And make sure you go fill out your bracket as part of our Whiskey Riff Madness: 90’s Country Songs tournament this year.

We decided to throw it back to the ’90s once again, putting 64 of the best ’90s country songs up against each other to see which one comes out on top.

Click HERE to vote now. This round closes out on Sunday evening.

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