Long Beach State AD Credits Firing Coach Dan Monson (Who’s Still Coaching) For Their Run To The NCAA Tournament

Dan Monson Long Beach State
Long Beach State Athletics

Long Beach State will likely see their NCAA Tournament run come to an end on Thursday as a 15th seed against Arizona, but the fact that these Sons of Beaches made it here is a credit to their collective fortitude.

They could’ve mailed it in once they found out head coach Dan Monson was to be fired. Instead, they roared through the Big West conference tournament to get into the Big Dance via an automatic bid.

But as reported by The Associated Press, Beach athletic director Bobby Smitheran is now trying to take credit for the whole thing.

Mr. Smitheran, pal, I believe you are trying to pat yourself on the back. Why would you go on public record about this if that weren’t the case. Nobody outside of the Beach community has ever heard of you until now. Congrats. You did it. I will say that Smitheran at least clarified to the AP that Monson’s ouster was more of a mutual parting of ways.

“I think this is really getting lost on people, that we agreed that a change in leadership was necessary. This was something Coach Monson brought to me.”

Or at least that’s the way Smitheran is presenting it. Did Monson really want to be out of a job? It sure seems like he’s coaching with plenty of passion and vigor so as to suggest that he didn’t want his tenure to end. Plus, this could be a case of Smitheran covering his a** more than anything else. Now that Long Beach State has gotten this far, he’d look like an idiot if he was the one taking sole credit for the idea to sh*t can Monson.

When you really break this down, Smitheran is talking out both sides of his mouth. Doesn’t know which way is up. His initial statement starts off with, “My belief and hope is that by doing what I did…” and then he proceeds to muddy the waters with Monson’s role in the separation. It’s all very funny to me.

Maybe I shouldn’t count out Long Beach State just yet. Snoop Dogg has them running all the way to the Elite Eight.

I hope [the?] Beach go all the way. Really make this uncomfortable. Or just let it lead to Dan Monson coaching a blue-blood program for the next several years.

My confused attribution of Long Beach State’s mascot stems from the best tweet I’ve ever created. Had a couple viral posts in my day, but this was sadly not one of them. Dare I say it deserves such status.

But it ain’t about me. Let’s celebrate Dan Monson’s Beach squad while they’re still alive in March Madness.

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