Watch The Moment A Grizzly Bear Bursts Through Snow Coming Out Of Hibernation

grizzly bear wakes up

Hibernation season is wrapping up, which means that soon enough, bears will be awoken from their long winter slumbers.

If you were wondering how long bears hibernate for, that actually depends on the climate of the region they call home. For bears in more colder, northern climates, their hibernation period might last up to seven months, while bruins that live in warmer, southern climates may only hibernate for two to five months.

These animals have the ability to lower their nutritional needs, and though they sleep for a lot of their hibernation, bears are really just going through a period where they don’t intake any food or water, thus not needing to excrete any… you know.

This might sound silly, but hibernation sounds like a great idea. Why couldn’t humans have evolved to need a hibernation period? Could you imagine? Oh, you are going to turn the clocks back an hour so it gets dark at 4 o’clock? Well if that’s the case, I’m gonna go to sleep for 5 months. I’d really only be upset about missing out on Christmas.

But getting back to the bears, this one in particular was waking up in a colder climate, so it had been in hibernation for quite some time. The bruin in the footage stays within the confines of the grizzly bear refuge at the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in Canada. Someone was able to capture the exact moment the bear began to emerge from its den to take in the warm sun of Spring.

In order to come out of hibernation, the bear had to dig its way through a couple of feet of snow. It first popped its head out to assess the situation, and once it saw spring had sprung (besides the snow part of course), it dug the rest of the way out of its winter den.

Check it out:

@cbccalgary As Alberta edges closer to spring, wildlife experts say bears are starting to emerge from their winter dens. #grizzlybear #alberta #hibernation ♬ Nature documentary and experimental landscape loop(1016642) – shuto music lab

Definitely looks like it would rather go back into hibernation mode.

TikTok users that viewed the clip were both jealous and sympathetic with the bear, whose name is apparently “Boo.” The Boo bear made plenty of fans with this video, and also provided a great base for some hilarious commentary:

“The bear contemplating going back to bed.”

“Bro needs some coffee.”

“It hurts to see others living your dreams.”

“Me getting up for work.”

“Do they ever come up looks at all the snow say, ‘F that, I’ll try again in a month?'”

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