“I Want To Rip This Girl’s Lungs Out” – Dave Portnoy Blasts Woman Who Accused Zach Bryan Of Cheating On Brianna Chickenfry

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Dave Portnoy didn’t hold back.

The outspoken founder of Barstool Sports recently ripped into a girl who posted on Reddit accusing Zach Bryan of cheating on (and giving an STD to) his girlfriend Brianna Chickenfry, who also works for Barstool and co-hosts the BFFs podcast alongside Portnoy.

It all started when Brianna, whose real name is Brianna LaPaglia, began posting videos of herself on tour with Zach, who’s currently traveling the world on his massive Quittin’ Time tour.

When the tour stopped in Newark this past week for two nights, Bri (who lives and is based in New York) posted a video that she was happy to get off the bus and get home for a few days. And apparently, some people found this suspicious for…well, because it’s the internet and that’s what the internet does.

Almond posted on the “briannachickenfrsnark” subreddit (which is a ridiculous thing to exist in the first place, but again, the internet):

“Funny to me Bri posts how “Zach has shoes in New Jersey for 2 days so the bitch had to run off the bus” on TikTok, while I can confirm Zach has groupies / sex with fans from NJ. Coincidence, maybe?”

She also posted screenshots (which have since been deleted) of text conversations that she alleges are with Zach, discussing hooking up with him and how she allegedly got an STD from their sexual escapades.


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Well Brianna responded a couple of days after the original thread was posted, after other girls began to jump in to post their stories of alleged sexual encounters with Zach.

In a post on her Instagram story, Bri didn’t directly address the rumors, but posted a picture of her and Zach and said that she was “proud of herself and proud of her relationship” while also addressing her haters…you can just read that for yourself below:

And on today’s episode of BFFs, Portnoy also had some thoughts on the situation – and as usual, he didn’t hold back:

“I want to have her come on BFFs…just me, me and her, one on one, and I want to rip this girl’s lungs out.”

He also pointed out that the dates posted by Almond don’t line up with the time period when Zach and Brianna started dating:

“It was infuriating. The dates predate Bri and Zach. I boiled it down to they’re like, ‘Zach was talking to multiple girls when he was single.’ It’s like, no shit, he’s a single guy.”

And even Bri understood that Zach was hooking up with other girls before they started dating:

“He’s never been single before, he’s a f*cking rockstar, he’s rich and famous, he’s single for the first time, you don’t think he’s going to be f*cking?”

Portnoy then pointed out that none of the allegations surrounded anything that happened while Zach and Bri were together:

“There’s nothing that remotely come forward since you’ve been dating him, and that’s all that f*cking matters. So if you don’t have something that is relevant, go away. Shut the f*ck up…

Shut the f*ck up and mind your own business you jealous c***.”

@bffspodDave goes off on the girl posting things on Reddit about her and Zach Bryan leading people to believe he was cheating on Bri

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Well Almond responded to the podcast with her own TikTok post, which has since been deleted after she claims that she was just “mad in the moment.”

What a mess.

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