Elephant Lifts Up Entire Safari Tour Truck In Absolutely Terrifying Video

Elephant charges bus
iReport South Africa

Have you considered going on a Safari Tour anytime soon? Though they are an exceptional way to experience wildlife, this video out of South Africa might change your viewpoint on them.

Tourists were taking a ride through Pilanesberg National Park in Africa when they got an amusement-park-experience while traveling in a safari truck. Just judging by the sheer terror you can hear coming from the vehicle, I doubt anyone was amused by what happened.

At some point during the tour, a bull elephant got aggressive with the bus. And you know what they say about bulls… you mess with them, you get the horns. Or in this case, the tusks.

If you were wondering how strong an elephant is, look no further than this video below. The 10,000 pound animal showcased all that it can do by lifting the game viewing vehicle up into the air not once, but twice, much to the chagrin of those that were on board.

You can hear the driver of the vehicle slamming his door open and closed to try and deter the elephant, though his efforts have minimal impact on the large animal’s actions. He also yells, “Hey, hey, move, move,” and that proved to be unsuccessful as well.

Or maybe it was successful? It’s possible that the elephant understood that command as “move the safari truck up and down.” If that’s the case, “Dumbo” was just following orders.

The only thing that proved to be effective in combating the big-eared creature was to back the game viewing truck up (A.K.A. getting the hell out of dodge) when all of the tires were on the ground. Not trying to criticize the safari guide, but that would have been my first choice.

Most of the YouTube commenters were quick to criticize the safari guide, though one person that was allegedly there said the man did his best to avoid an altercation with the elephant. The footage below apparently shows what happened despite the tour guide’s best efforts to keep things calm.

Check it out:

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