Watch John Carter Cash Perform Johnny And June’s “Jackson” With His Wife Ana Cristina

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I finished watching Walk The Line last night, the iconic biopic movie documenting the life of Johnny Cash, and his roller coaster relationship with June Carter until they finally got married. Needless to say, I’m questioning how I’ve made it this far in my life without watching this movie, and I’ve found myself going down rabbit holes of Johnny and June videos on YouTube.

With that being said, I found this gem of Johnny and June’s son John Carter Cash, singing the couple’s legendary hit song “Jackson,” with his wife Ana Cristina Cash.

Although John Carter doesn’t quite have the incredibly deep vocals that his father had, and hell, there probably aren’t too many that can get that low (he also doesn’t have the hair his dad had either, but hey we can’t all get that lucky), but it’s easy to see the musical talent ran rapid through the family, and the two put together an awesome rendition of the song.

On top of that, Ana Cristina does a damn good rendition of June’s part as well, as she’s a great singer/songwriter in her own right.

Released on February 6th, 1967, Johnny and June’s “Jackson” shot up the Billboard Country Singles chart. The song was included on their 1967 album Carryin’ On with Johnny Cash & June Carter album, released later that year.

Check it out:

Johnny & June Perform “Jackson” On The Ralph Emery Show

In 1967, Johnny and June stopped by the Ralph Emery Show to play “Jackson,” the legendary song from their duet album released the same year titled, Carryin’ On With Johnny Cash and June Carter. 

That album and this performance actually happened before the two were married and while Johnny was heavily addicted to prescription pills. June, along with her mother Maybelle and father Ezra, moved into Johnny’s house for a few months shortly after this to help him kick the habit for the first time.

Even though they weren’t yet officially together, you can just see how they felt about each other on stage.

From they way their eyes meet to how Johnny walks out of frame to let her perform, there’s no wonder the two of them are forever remembered together in the country music history.

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