Coyote Tosses A Vole Around In The Snow

Coyote plays with vole

Done like dinner.

That is a wild dog just having some fun. And why not? He earned it by catching himself a meal.

Coyotes are wild dogs that live all across North America. They will eat anything they can take down from mice to deer and live anywhere from cities to the woods. Theses dogs can weigh up to 45 pounds and are know for their resilience and ability to survive everywhere. They usually live and hunt alone, but will team up with immediate family memebers and take out bigger animals if needed.

These dogs aren’t all serious though, they like to play just like any other dog. They are known to play as pups, but as they get older, they will also play with their food. It seems playful in nature, and they certainly are having a good time, but it is also practice for them. They play with their food to keep their hunting skills practiced up for the next creature that comes along.

This coyote showed us how it was done after he caught a rodent in the snow. The coyote leaps and grabs a vole and wrestles it to the ground. He then lets it go over and over as he pounces on it repeatedly.

That would be one slow and scary death having a coyote hunt you over and over again.

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