“Travis, Let Nature Do Its Thing” – Man Saves A Hawk From Being Drowned By Mama Duck, & The Commentary Is GOLD

Guys saves hawk from duck

It’s an “only the strong survive” world out there and these creatures are cut-throat.

Everything needs to eat to survive and fight to survive too. There’s usually a bigger animal waiting to have its way with you around every corner.

Ducks are no stranger to surviving, right from the day they are born everything is trying to eat them. But they are tough and resilient and have figured out a way to continue to survive. Their babies are often easy targets though, many times them being in groups and they are much smaller and slower than adults.

Hawks are apex predators, typically with nothing going after them and them going at anything they can. Hawks use their expert vision to track down their targets and begin the attack from a long way away. They hit with power and try to make their hunts quick and easy.

This hawk bit off a little more than he could chew with these ducks though. The hawk went down to attack a baby, but the ducks flipped the script as the mother duck starts drowning the attacking hawk. It’s a harsh world out there, kill or be killed.

However, one guy named Travis wanted to save the hawk but his friend advises against it as the duck continues the attack. The commentary was downright hilarious:

“You gotta let nature do its thing, Travis. Oh, the duck is killing the hawk now? It came after the babies. No, were not gonna let the hawk go, it’s gotta die. The hawk must die.

Travis, the hawk was coming after the babies… do work duck. Now, the hawk is gonna come back and kill the babies, because of you.”

Travis ends up being the good Samaritan and saved the hawk’s day. I’m sure the hawk either learned its lesson or has a better plan for next time.

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A beer bottle on a dock