Robert Griffin III Advises Caleb Williams To “Pull An Eli Manning” & Refuse To Play For The Chicago Bears


Given how his NFL career went as a high draft pick for a historically dysfunctional organization, it makes sense that ESPN analyst Robert Griffin III is looking out for any top quarterback prospect’s best interests.

Hell, the only man drafted before him in 2012, Andrew Luck, received so little support from his front office that he was forced into early, injury-induced retirement. Griffin was once the Rookie of the Year who led Washington to a division title, only to blow out his knee in the playoffs, rush back to the field the next season, and never be the same.

The Chicago Bears have not had a strong track record of developing franchise quarterbacks. They ultimately failed again with Justin Fields, and are now expected to take USC Heisman Trophy winner Caleb Williams with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. RG3 is imploring Williams to not play in Chicago, and demand to go to another team.

Eli Manning infamously did this during the 2004 draft. The Chargers franchise had the top pick, and selected Manning. However, Eli and the Manning family made like Ron Burgundy, said, “Go **** yourself, San Diego” and demanded a trade. In one of the most fascinating deals of all-time, Eli was sent to the New York Giants in a package that included fourth overall pick Philip Rivers.

You could say that the Eli-Rivers situation worked out for both sides — except that Eli beat Tom Brady’s Patriots twice to win Super Bowls, whereas the Bolts never got to the Big Game with Rivers under center.

RG3 seems to think that the Commanders, who own the No. 2 pick and no longer have Dan Snyder as their owner, represent Williams’ best landing spot. I guess you could argue that, but at the same time, Washington’s roster looks a little rough at the minute. They patched up a lot of holes in free agency with dubious fixes, especially on defense. While it’s cool that Williams is from the D.C. area, he’d really have to ball out as a rookie to pass the Eagles and Cowboys in the NFC East.

Meanwhile, the Bears had one of the NFL’s best defenses last season once they traded for Montez Sweat. Veteran wideout Keenan Allen just joined the team; Allen and DJ Moore are one of the better wide receiver tandems in the sport. Williams has the chance to restore an iconic franchise in an iconic city by going to Chicago. Oh, and they also have the ninth overall pick to add another excellent player who can contribute right away.

Other than a “strength of division” argument, how are the Bears any worse of a spot for Williams than the Commanders? RG3 had an interesting rationale about why Chicago is so combustible.

Maybe head coach Matt Eberflus gets fired, and Williams has to digest a new playbook in his second season. Not the end of the world. A bit of a setback, but if Trevor Lawrence can overcome Urban Meyer as an NFL rookie and win a playoff game the next season, I have faith Williams can do something similar as a “generational” QB prospect. Also, I highly doubt GM Ryan Poles is ousted without a 10-win season. Poles pulled off one of the greatest trades in NFL history to acquire the rights to draft Williams. As long as that pick hits, Poles should be safe.

In the NFC North, the Lions just went to the NFC Championship Game, and the Packers have one of the best young rosters in the NFL. It’d be wildly impressive for Williams to lead the Bears to the playoffs this coming season. Unless the team is an absolute embarrassment, there’s no need to blow everything up after the 2024 campaign.

The Bears are a much better situation for Williams than RG3 is painting them to be. That’s the main takeaway here. No need for Williams to make a big scene on draft day and weasel his way to Washington. The Windy City is begging for a good football team. I’m confident in saying Williams can actually deliver that.

And Twitter agrees:

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