Riley Green’s “Bury Me In Dixie” And “Hell Of A Way To Go” Are Officially Certified Gold

Riley Green country music
Harper Smith/Courtesy of Nashville Harbor Records & Entertainment

Two new Gold records… to go right next to the all the deer trophy’s on the wall, I assume, since we’re talking about Riley Green.

The Alabama native just earned two new Gold certifications from the RIAA, one for his fan-favorite song “Bury Me in Dixie” and one for his more recent song “Hell Of A Way To Go.”

This means that they’ve both moved over 500,000 units since their respective releases in 2017 and 2022:

Riley Green country music

“Bury Me in Dixie” was officially released as part of Riley’s 2017 Outlaws Like Us EP (though I think there were some other versions from a year or two earlier), and connected with his fan base immediately for his reverence for where he comes from in the South and how he grew up there.

It’s the song that introduced me to Riley while I was in college (time flies, unfortunately) and has a special place in my heart. While it’s had a bit of controversy, the sentiment and true meaning of the song about appreciating where you come from and the place you call home, no matter who you are, is universal.

“Hell Of A Way To Go” also quickly became a fan-favorite, especially among college football fans, and always draws a big reaction from a lot of crowds in the Southeast when he sings about Alabama beating the hell outta Tennessee. It was written by Riley along with Erik Dylan and Wyatt McCubbin.

From hunting, to fishing, to watching college football with his dad and grandaddy, Riley recounts all of their special memories together from growing up until this point in his adult life. As the song goes on, he imagines what it will be like when he gets to do the same things when he has a son of his own one day.

Riley is currently out on the road in support of his sophomore album Ain’t My Last Rodeoand I’m sure that will be Gold in no time, too.

Turn ’em up…

“Bury Me in Dixie”

“Hell Of A Way To Go”

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