George Strait Trolls Fans Begging For A Texas Show… Is An Announcement On The Horizon?

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George Strait fans are unhappy that there is no Texas date on his current tour schedule.

The Texas native has a fanbase unlike any other in his home stage, and the Texans were fired up to find out that George Strait was not performing in the Lone Star state this year.

I honestly have a newfound respect for The King after he addressed all of the hate comments. Strait hilariously posted a video on social media with no caption highlighting all the hate comments fans left about the absence of Texas dates. As the video goes on to “Write This Down,” George Strait is unveiled, sitting with a thumbs up.

Who knew he had these jokes up his sleeve?

While no official announcement has been made, commenters think that this could be leading up to a Kyle Field or Austin City Limits show announcement. While fans eagerly await to see if this means a Texas stop or if Strait is trolling everyone, the comments section provides plenty of entertainment as we await.

Dive in and enjoy…

“Don’t play with us like this.”

“This would have been the perfect time to play ‘All My Exes Live in Texas.'”

“You trolling us?”

“If you hate us, just say that.”

“See you at Kyle Field.”

“So… Austin City Limits announcement soon?!”

“This post was to clarify that there is no Texas dates.”

“Bro just posted him with his thumbs up, no reply to his fans, legend.”

“You get hacked, Hoss?!”

“He’s like that’s right.”

“George. I’m going to cry.”

“Gig ’em?”

Only feels right to fire this one up right now.

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