“A Wonderful Artist, Strong Role Model” – Reba Silences Rumors That She Called Taylor Swift An “Entitled Little Brat”


Some rumors online were swirling, and Reba stepped in to put a stop to them.

A social media post alleged that McEntire had called Taylor Swift, the world’s biggest pop star, a not-so-nice name, and that it all revolved around Reba’s national anthem performance before the Super Bowl. Based on the quote, it made Reba look like she was was struggling with some of that “Taylor Swift fatigue.”

An account called “America Loves Liberty” claimed that Reba was made upset by Swift’s actions during her rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner.” The message alleged that Taylor was basically ignoring Reba’s performance:

“Reba McEntire talks about how disappointed she was to look up at the big screen while performing The National Anthem, only to see Taylor Swift laughing and drinking and making a mockery of the event.”

The post went on to give this “direct” quote from Reba that was pointed at Swift:

“I let her have it afterward. She’s an entitled little brat.”

Obviously, that doesn’t sound like the sweet, supportive Reba McEntire that we’ve all come to know and love. But somehow, that quote and story started spreading online and gained momentum. That is until the “Fancy” singer decided to put a stop to it herself.

Reba came out swinging against “America Loves Liberty,” screenshotting their post and slapping it on her own social media account with this message debunking the story and quote:

“Please don’t believe everything you see on the Internet. I did not say this. Taylor is a wonderful artist, strong role model and has done so much good for so many people and the music industry.”

You heard it from Reba, which means you heard the truth. McEntire has songs titled “You Lie” and “The Heart Won’t Lie,” but no other tracks that would lead you to believe that she herself would lie. Plus, she’s Reba. She couldn’t hurt a fly, and certainly wouldn’t resort to name calling.

And if Taylor Swift was “distracted” during Reba’s National Anthem performance, that’s on her. McEntire absolutely brought it to open up the Super Bowl, and basically commanded (and deserved) everyone’s attention. I find it hard to believe that Swift wouldn’t have been locked in to a “Star Spangled Banner” sang by one of the “Queens of Country Music.”

Relive it if you’d like to:

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