VOTE NOW: What’s Your Favorite ’90s Country Song?

Brooks & Dunn
Brooks & Dunn

What’s your favorite ’90s country song?

I know, impossible question to answer. But we’re going to do our best.

March Madness is back, which means it’s also time for Whiskey Riff Madness. And this year, we’re bringing back ’90s Country Madness.

And why not? The ’90s was one of the best eras of country music, and it’s having a massive resurgence (thanks in no small part to the “quality” of country music coming out today).

So we figured we’d bring back ’90s Country Madness. We did it a couple years ago and got a ton of great responses, and with so many songs to choose from, you never really know who’s going to come out on top. In fact, last time we had several rounds that ended in a dead heat. It was that close.

But as with any tournament, first we have to set the field.

The rules this year are pretty simple: The songs have to be singles that were released in the ’90s and charted in the top 40. And each artist can only appear in the field once, to keep things fair.

And rather than setting the bracket ourselves, we’re going to leave that to you, our readers.

We’ve listed some of the top country songs of the ’90s (they’re in alphabetical order by the artist’s first name), and you can vote for up to 10 of them – or write in your own. Then we’ll seed them based on which songs get the most votes. Simple.

You can vote down below, or by clicking here. There were obviously too many good songs to choose from to include them all on one list, so feel free to write in your favorite if you don’t see it on our list of choices.

And make sure you come back next week to see the final bracket and vote in the first round of Whiskey Riff Madness: ’90s Country Edition.

And if you need some inspiration while you vote, check out our Saved By ’90s Country playlist on Spotify and Apple Music.


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