Riley Green Releases Flawless Cover Of Josh Thompson’s “Way Out Here”

Riley Green country music
Courtesy of Riley Green

A happy Friday, indeed.

Riley Green released a surprise drop of a cover of Josh Thompson’s “Way Out Here,” which was co-written by Thompson along with David Lee Murphy and Casey Beathard. Released in 2010 as the second single and title track from his debut album of the same name, it peaked at #15 on the Billboard U.S. Hot Country Songs chart.

The concept focuses on how things are done differently in rural America and while it may not be for everybody, small town folks are proud of who they are and where they come from and don’t need anyone who thinks they might “know better” to tell them what they should be doing or how to do it.

In terms of the subject matter, it fits right into Riley’s wheelhouse of singing about life in the South and what he believes in, and if I didn’t know any better, I would easily think he wrote the song himself.

It’s definitely reminiscent of his recent #1 hit with Luke Combs “Different ‘Round Here” in terms of the story and message, and while he stayed pretty true to the original production, he did put a little bit of his own spin on it and I love the way he sings this melody and delivers the song.

There’s something really endearing about it (it’s obviously very believable and authentic coming from him) and I will definitely have this song on repeat for the foreseeable future… and even though Riley just released his sophomore studio album Ain’t My Last Rodeo last year, I love that we’re already getting new music from him.

Check it out:

“Way Out Here”

I’m still waiting on “Jesus Saves” too… this one is a stunner:

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