Parade Of Bear Cubs Come Walking Out Of The Foggy Wilderness In New Hampshire

Black bear cubs

What would you do if you were standing in the woods and saw this many bear cubs heading right towards you?

On one hand, you might say, “Well, at least they are all cubs.” It still wouldn’t be a great situation to be in, but if you had to find a silver lining, it’s that they aren’t all adult bears.

Looking at it from the other perspective, these bear cubs have strength in numbers. If you had to take one on, you might have a decent chance, but trying to face off against 10 at once? Yeah, you can go ahead and assume the bear defense position.

What do I mean by that? Well, it’s really simple, and very effective. First, you spread your feet out just wider than shoulder width. Next, you put your hands on your kneecaps, and start to bend over. The goal is to move your head between your legs.

That way you can kiss your ass goodbye.

Joking aside, the actual way you would need to attempt to avoid a bear attack is to stand tall and speak in a loud, low voice. That would give you your best chance to make it through, and avoid a Leonardo DiCaprio Revenant moment.

Luckily for the person filming this video below, they didn’t have to worry all that much about these bears. That’s because these animals were located inside the Kilham Bear Center in Lyme, New Hampshire. The non-profit organization helps rehabilitate injured bears and get them released back into the wild.

They boast on their website that they’ve helped return around 350 bear cubs back into the wild since the center was established in 1993. I’ve got a feeling that number will go way up after the parade of bear cubs in this footage get released.

Even though these bears are technically being held in captivity, I still wouldn’t feel great about standing that close to that many bears. But I guess a center specifically designed to help bears knows more than me, who has only really interacted with bears when I visit my local zoo.

Enough about me though, go ahead and check out this majestic video of the seemingly endless line of bear cubs running out of the fog in New Hampshire:

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