Koala Goes Beast Mode, Tackles Little Kid In Australian National Park

Koala attack

The “K” in the koala must stand for karate.

These tourists in Australia were not very “Koala Aware,” and must have forgot that they are, in fact, wild animals. Koalas are normally viewed as pretty docile, with all of the sleeping (up to 18 hours a day) and eating that they do.

However, you can never know what is going through a wild animal’s head, and these people visiting the “Land Down Under” found that out the hard way. They might have thought they’d be able to cuddle up with the koalas they saw, but they instead found themselves clawing the wild animal off a young child after it attacked.

In the scary footage, the innocent looking koala comes running towards the group. With its small stature, and the inarguable fact that it’s very cute (not very professional, I know, but it’s the truth), those in the immediate area weren’t all that concerned.

But the tone changed when the koala “clicked” into aggressive mode and honed in on a small child that was standing somewhat on its own. The wild animal must have thought it was “picking on something its own size” as it dove towards the kid’s legs and started to scratch and bite down.

It was at that moment that the fun family day at the park turned into a living nightmare for the parents, who rushed to peel off the koala from their screaming child. We don’t know what the kid’s favorite animal is, but after this, I’d say it would be pretty easy to guess what their least favorite is.

Eventually, the adult was able to separate the kid and the koala, and that’s when the video cuts off. The afterwards part of this story is likely the family reporting the incident to the park, and the park coming to take the koala away (hopefully in little koala handcuffs).

Let this be a lesson to those who have never interacted with a koala out in the wild. Everything that appears to be cuddly is not as it seems, as you cane see in the video below:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock