Florida Couple Hike Dangerously Close To Monster Alligator: “He’s Not Even Hissing”

Alligator on trail
Leti Trejo via Storyful

What would you do if you were hiking along in the Florida wilderness and a monster alligator was blocking the trail?

A normal, risk-averse person (or anyone with half a lick of sense) would likely say, “That’s enough hiking for me today.” I’d most certainly take it as a sign from the Almighty Lord above to turn back and try it all again another day.

That or you would at least take a really wide pass by the gator, making sure you leave plenty of “oh ****” space between you and the prehistoric reptile. But with all that being said, the couple in this video decided to just pass close by the gator like it was a neighbor at the grocery store.

Why were they so nonchalant about it? Why did the presence of a sizable gator not put the fear of God in them? I thought about it for a while, and then it finally hit me like a ton of bricks.

They are from Florida…

Brushing shoulders with an alligator is just another Tuesday afternoon in the park when you live in the “Sunshine State.” And with that in mind, I’m honestly surprised one of the two people didn’t try to give this alligator a high-five as they crossed paths.

They might not have been that relaxed about it, but they were comfortable enough to provide this commentary as they spotted the creature out in the wild:

“He’s eating good. He’s not even hissing.”

You’ve got to give credit where credit is due here. The comedic timing of this alligator was impeccable, because as soon she muttered the words, “He’s not even hissing,” the big ol’ gator let out an incredibly menacing hiss.

The Florida woman provided these insightful thoughts immediately afterwards:

“He just let out a really big hiss. Alright buddy, I’m just going to walk by, okay?”

As crazy as it is to ask for an alligator’s permission, the inquiry seemed to do the trick. The woman tip-toed on by, and the gator stayed put without causing any issues. It was only after she made it past the beast that she noticed just how large the gator was (and thanked him for letting her pass):

“Thank you so much. Oh my God. Wow, he’s big.”

Yeah, he’s a big boy indeed. But not anything that a fearless, overconfident, alligator-talking Florida couple can’t handle. And let’s remember, alligator can run over 20 mph for short distances, so if this big boy really did want some lunch, they most likely would’ve been the subject of a much more tragic blog.

Check it out:

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