“Go Get A New Lawn Mower” – Philadelphia Eagles Guard Landon Dickerson Has Big Plans For His $84 Million Extension

Landon Dickerson

We’ve all dreamed of what we would do if we won the lottery, right?

Well I don’t know if you’ve seen any of the numbers flying around in the NFL right now, but there have been “lottery payout” contracts that have been agreed to the past couple of days. The king of free agency payouts, Kirk Cousins, somehow swindled the Atlanta Falcons into a four-year, $180 million dollar contract. I’m sure he likes that.

And another player that did pretty well for himself was Philadelphia Eagles left guard Landon Dickerson. The 25-year-old signed a four-year extension with Philly worth $84 million, which made him the highest paid guard in NFL history. Oh, and it included a $20 million signing bonus.

In other words, he hit the jackpot, and the Brink’s truck is probably backing up to his house as we speak. For some professional athletes, signing their first extension is the most money that they’ve ever seen, and the influx can be overwhelming (yet it’s a very good problem to have).

Following the announcement of Dickerson’s extension, the guard took some time to answer questions from the media. One reporter decided to get straight to the point, asking the $84 million dollar man if he could wrap his head around his latest contract and if he had any plans for the cash flowing into his bank account.

Based on Dickerson’s answer, he’s a relatively simple man (and responsible), and had one idea for how he might spoil himself:

“I have a financial advisor for a reason. I don’t know, I may go get a new lawn mower. That’s something I’ve been looking into. Yeah, (a) zero turn.”

For those that might not know, a zero turn mower is both a luxury and a necessity. If you cut your own grass, once you go zero turn, you never go back.

If Dickerson wants to spend a small percentage of his $20 million signing bonus on a zero turn mower with a 54 inch deck, by all means, he should treat himself.

He honestly should have just negotiated his signing bonus to include a state-of-the-art lawn mower.

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