“I Swear To God, I Know We Are In Buffalo” – Buffalo Crowd Sounds Off When Zach Bryan Calls Them Pittsburgh

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It’s got to be hard waking up in a new city every night…

Zach Bryan is in the thick of his Quittin’ Time Tour, hitting a new city every night. I have always been impressed with artists who never confuse what city they are in each night, but everyone is bound to have a slip-up here and there.

And it finally happened to Zach Bryan.

On the heels of a show in Pittsburgh, Zach Bryan and company headed north across the state line to Buffalo, New York, clearly still riding a high off the electric energy from the night before. In a brief lapse of judgment, he swings and misses addressing the crowd of the city he is playing in.

“How’s everyone feeling in Pittsburgh this evening?”

The crowd quickly responds with mixed hoops and hollers, and a few boos as they signal to him that he is definitely NOT in Pittsburgh anymore…

“Oh, I effed up. Guys, I’m so sorry we were in Pittsburgh last night. I swear to God, I know we are in Buffalo. Damnit….I am so sorry, Buffalo. So sorry!

That’s happened to me one other time in my life. I was in Detroit, and I almost got fought by four dudes in a parking lot. Really really apologize, Buffalo. This is a song I wrote called ‘Burn, Burn, Burn.’ Please don’t hate me, love you!”

As he announced what song he was striking up, the crowd quickly forgot the slip-up as they cheered wildly once he started strumming the intro to the fan-favorite track. After a few chords, he again tells the crowd how badly he feels.

“I’m seriously so sorry.”

@oklahomasmokeshow02 We still love you Zach – Pittsburgh ❤️ #zachbryan #concert #quittintimetour #fyp ♬ original sound – AbiTaylor

Based on a comment, it really does seem like ZB was caught in the moment and just let Pittsburgh slip out of his mouth.

“I was there for this! I actually thought he was kidding at first! He mentioned Buffalo about 30 times prior to this moment.” 

I mean, are you really even a touring artist if you don’t hit the crowd with the wrong city once in your life? It’s a rite of passage for anyone who has ever hit the road.

Check out some of the video clips from the night while you’re here.

“Something In The Orange”

“Oklahoma Smokeshow”

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