Former UFC Champ Mark Coleman In Critical Condition After Saving His Parents From A Housefire

Mark Coleman UFC
Mark Coleman

A heroic and harrowing story is breaking now out of the MMA world.

Mark Coleman, the first ever UFC heavyweight champion, was airlifted and remains hospitalized after rescuing his parents from a massive fire at his childhood home in Fremont, Ohio. The story was first brought to the public by Wes Sims, a friend of Coleman’s and fellow UFC alum, who posted the below statement on Facebook regarding the incident:

“Mark’s parent’s house burnt down last night Mark saved both Dan & Connie Foos Coleman and went back for Hammer his dog. He was life flighted to Toledo and is currently intubated & sedated.
I swear to GOD-he’s one of the toughest individual ever created, been thru so much a Movie at this point could not give his life work Justice! Please pray and share! Life is Precious!”

“Prayers for the legend Heavyweight champion that had the UFC smoking this man saved his parents from a burning home God bless the family of the Hall of Famer the hammer Mark Coleman.”

Local authorities haven’t made a statement about the fire aside from calling it a complete loss and saying that it started in the kitchen.

Photos of the scene show just how awful the blaze was.

According to Essentially Sports, Mark suffered from smoke inhalation. He first brought his father out of the house and then went back in for his mother, who suffered some minor injuries and had her hair burned off. He went in a third time to get his dog, but sadly Hammer passed away in the fire.

As tightknit communities do when tragedy strikes, the MMA world is rallying around Coleman, who’s viewed as a trailblazing icon of the sport.

Wishing nothing but the best for Mark Coleman. The man was a savage of a savage in the cage but a gentleman outside of it and the sport may have never gotten off the ground if it weren’t for him.

Stay strong, Hammer.

Here’s some highlights from his Pride days… the man was truly a beast.

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