Watch Merle Haggard Deliver Spot-On Impressions Of Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins & More

Merle Haggard Country Music

Everyone knows Merle Haggard is one of the most talented country musicians of all time, but unless you’ve seen this clip, you’d have no clue he could also do perfect impressions of other country artists.

During one of his appearances on the Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour, Merle was asked to do an impression of Marty Robbins, so he started playing “Devil Woman” and it was SPOT ON.

If I closed my eyes and someone played that for me there’s no way I could have told you the difference. He then did Hank Snow’s “I’m Movin’ On” (also fantastic) followed by one of my favorites, Buck Owens. As he was doing (yet another) perfect impression of “Love’s Gonna Live Here,” Buck himself jumped on stage and sang it with him to the delight of the crowd.

For the finale, Buck asked him to do one of Johnny Cash.

After joking that he can’t because “he’ll kill me,” he started singing “Jackson” exactly like the Man in Black did, and, of course, Johnny also walked out and joined him, which made the crowd go even wilder.

Maybe even better than the voice is his facial impressions of them all… leave it to good ole Merle Haggard to always have something up his sleeve that will surprise you.

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