“You’re Not Supposed To Cuss” – Bunnie XO Thought She Got Jelly Roll Banned From The Houston Rodeo

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Cue the “Oh No” TikTok song…

Bunnie XO and Jelly Roll can easily be categorized as a power couple. Their stories to the top aren’t conventional, but they do go to show that the path to stardom isn’t always a straight one.

The rapper-turned-country-artist has worked like a mad man to get where he is today, and one of his most recent accomplishments was playing at RodeoHouston, which he described as “the biggest show of his entire life.”

Jelly Roll rocked the stage, and even shared a heartfelt moment during his performance when he asked his wife Bunnie XO to come up and join him in front of the crowd of 70,000 people.

However, something that happened once Bunnie XO was up on stage might have been “against the rules” of the Houston Rodeo, as she detailed in a TikTok recapping her moment on stage:

“Ya girl messed up. Apparently, at the Houston Rodeo, you’re not supposed to cuss. You’re not supposed to say one bad word on stage, and if you do, they’ll turn the lights off, kick you out and never let you come back again. Nobody told me this.”

In the Tiktok, Bunnie was clearly concerned as she told the story of what happened. From how she tells it, Bunnie didn’t want to get up on stage in the first place, but Jelly Roll insisted:

“Husband and I had a conversation: ‘Baby are you coming onstage tonight?’ I said, ‘No. I’m already weird and awkward as it is.’ I’m not good with a microphone or with crowds and I stick to a script that we have done for the past freaking decade.

Unbeknownst to me, my husband walks over in the middle of one of the songs and pulls me up onstage. And what do I do when he hands me the microphone? I hope you guys enjoy this little blunder over here.”

Bunnie XO then throws it over to the footage of what went down, which featured her dropping an f-bomb in front of the RodeoHouston crowd, breaking one of the event’s sacred rules:

“Houston, what the eff is up?”

@xomgitsbunnie Cant take me anywhere 🤦🏼‍♀️ #jellyandbunnie ♬ original sound – Bunnie Xo 🪄

Jelly Roll’s face after she shouted the f-word says it all.

But the good news for Bunnie XO and Jelly Roll is that the “no cursing” rule seems to be more of a guideline. A spokesperson for the Houston Rodeo told Billboard:

“I can say that they are NOT banned and we would absolutely love to have both of them back. We are a family friendly show, but there isn’t a rule in place that bans anyone for cursing.”

Phew, sounds like the power couple dodged a bullet. Turns out you can cuss at the Houston Rodeo, though I doubt Bunnie XO will if she’s ever given the chance to do it again.

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