Hawk Expertly Picks Off Duck In Mid-Flight

Hawk snags duck

That’s some expert level hunting, right there.

Nature never ceases to amaze. Everything has to eat, but the way some of these animals do it is flat out impressive every single time.

Hawks as a species are impressive. They are predators in the raptor family that attack their prey using a variety of skills, like sight and speed to efficiently feed themselves.

Ducks are often a target of humans, but of other birds is almost unthought of. Blue-winged teals are fair sized birds coming in over a foot long and around 1 pound. They have unpredictable flight patterns and travel in flocks to avoid predators.

But hawks will still have a go at them. They hunt them down, locking in and using speed, power, and their deadly talons to take them out.

This hawk put on a show as it locked in on these blue-winged teal. The flock of ducks is seen flying around, in a very unpredictable way. Out of nowhere the hawk swoops in and nails one of them, completely grabbing it mid-air. The duck never stood a chance as the hawk easily flies off with its meal.

What a wild thing to capture on video.

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A beer bottle on a dock