“We’re A Buncha Dumb*sses” – Randy Houser & Justin Moore Promoting Their Tour Is Comedy Gold

Randy Houser and Justin Moore
Randy Houser/Justin Moore

This is going to be a helluva tour on and off the stage.

Randy Houser and Justin Moore recently announced their co-headlining Country Round Here Tonight tour last week, and today to keep the hype around the tour rolling, they released some hilarious outtakes while shooting tour promo.

Maybe it’s just me, but I am a sucker for some quality bloopers. Not only does it humanize these stars a little more (and we can see they are just people beyond their stardom), but it also highlights their true personalities and working relationships. And let me tell you… Houser and Moore are two funny dudes when you put them in a room together.

As ticket sales started today, the duo made a video that highlighted some of their lesser-than-fine on-camera moments, promising fans that their signing on stage would be better than what they just watched.

“It’s a good thing we can sing better than we film promos…”

It starts off with Houser asking production if they need to put down their solo cups, but Moore disagrees, noting that it is very much on brand. I mean, heck, they even showed up to Tootsie’s in Nashville for an impromptu pop-up with their solo cups in hand. It is their brand.

@whiskeyriff Justin Moore and Randy Houser surprise pop up at Tootsies. #whiskeyriff #randyhouser #justinmoore ♬ original sound – Whiskey Riff

After deciding whether to hold the cups or not, Houser needs to be clarified on which camera he should be looking at. He might be looking a little cross-eyed, trying to focus on two cameras at once.

“Wow, we are really killing this sh*t.” 

After a few more misses, Moore chimes in with a little self-deprivation to lighten the mood.

“Gah, we are a bunch of dumba**es. I mean, think about how stupid our job is…now let’s go get high and drunk, .com.” 

Yep, this promo has me sold. I can’t wait to see what shenanigans these two get up to on stage. Get your tickets while you can.

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